The Melancholy of Irresistible Desire, 2018



Supported Physical Performance, 2018, ephemeral installation, wood, acrylic, canvas, electromotor, skulls, lights, 550 x 340 x 380 cm



Future Is Matter of Deal, 2018, ephemeral installation, acrylic paintings, wood, plastic film, skulls, electromotor, canvas, flowers



Tip of the Iceberg, 2017, ephemeral installation, wood, plastic film, electromotor, skull, lights, 250 x 350 x 400 cm



Message from the West, 2016 – 2018, installation, iron or wooden sticks, flowers, wood, acrylic, 400 x 400 x 550 cm



Paraphrase of the Social Burden on the Shoulders of Individuals, 2014, instalation, concrete, wood, steel sticks, textile, garden tools, glue, acrylic, photography on paper, potatos, 300 x 600 x 400 cm